You can learn to control the anxiety that’s currently controlling you.


You're an overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out woman who does everything for everyone but can't find the time or motivation to take care of yourself. You struggle with anxiety and stress during the day, and at night you find yourself counting the hours until the house is quiet and you can have a glass of wine or three, or finish the leftover cake - all the while hating yourself for your lack of discipline. Every morning you pledge this day will be different, but every night you go to bed, discouraged with your life and disgusted with yourself.

Therapy helps you understand those parts of you that are keeping you stuck and anxious, and remove the blocks to true happiness.

At Beehive, we love counseling women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond who live in the South Windsor CT area who want to reduce their anxiety, improve their physical and mental health, find their passion, and be a little bit badass. As we age, everything changes! Our bodies, our family relationships, our goals...Sometimes it feels like our lives have been shaken up like a snow globe. It can be scary, but it can also be a time of powerful growth. We love helping women write the next chapter of their lives.

Ready to let go of stress and anxiety?

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