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Therapy when you're stressed out and overwhelmed doesn't have to be more overwhelming. When you're already feeling like life is full of stress, counseling needs to add to your life; not detract from it. You're taking time from your busy life to focus on you - you want it to be worth it! Finding a therapist near you can be a challenge - I'm glad you're here.

My name is Rebecca Burton and I fill many roles at Beehive Counseling: I’m the Practice Owner, Clinical Director, and New Client Coordinator.

I'm also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience in the field and a passion for helping to create strong families and communities.

You have questions!

1. Why did you start Beehive Counseling?

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that people make the most progress when their entire system is taken into account. Starting a collaborative practice is my way of ensuring this process happens by creating a community of therapists and other professionals who can help support you and your family in a holistic way. We help individuals, couples, and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family stress, aging, life transitions and more. We love helping you strengthen your family and believe that you seeking therapy today can improve your family in the here-and-now and for generations to come.

2. What’s the intake process like?

You and I will set up a time to chat on the phone for 15 minutes or so at no cost to you to make sure that what we offer at Beehive Counseling will be a good fit for you. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for in a therapist, as well as discussing the needs and struggles of you and your family. I’ll help identify one of our therapists who has the expertise you’re looking for and schedule your first session. Before you come in, you’ll receive a link to our client portal where you can enter all your information and complete the necessary forms before you sit down with your therapist. We’ll also check your insurance benefits and make sure you’re comfortable with the financial arrangement before you come in.

3. Speaking of finances, does Beehive take insurance? How do finances work in therapy?

Our therapists are contracted with several insurance companies, including Husky, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Optum, as well as several EAPs. Depending on your plan, you may be responsible for a copay, co-insurance, or deductible. We also work with people on an out-of-network basis when needed, and offer a sliding scale for people who are uninsured or who do not want to use their insurance. We’ll do our best to get the most updated information from your insurance company, but we always ask that people double-check their benefits before coming in. We prefer credit cards, but we also accept cash (no personal checks). Payment is expected at the time of your session. We know that finances can sometimes be a stressful factor in choosing to enter therapy, so our hope is that you will feel comfortable discussing this with your therapist and creating a treatment schedule that ensures you get the help you need without breaking the bank.

Visit our Finances & Insurance page for more complete information.

4. Who are you?

Let’s get the details and acronyms out of the way. I graduated with my masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University in 2001. After graduation, I continued to work at my internship agency and went on to earn my LMFT license in Connecticut in 2003. I was fortunate to have the experience of working with all sorts of clients - men, women, children, couples, and families - many of them struggling with poverty, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and/or domestic violence. I went on to work at an outpatient hospital clinic and at an agency that provided in-home therapy for adolescents and their families before opening my own private practice in Connecticut in 2005. I began to work primarily with anxious, stressed out individuals to help clients find peace in their relationships and their lives. I'm also licensed in New York State. In 2019 I began Beehive Counseling as a career-long dream to bring together a team of excellent therapists.

5. Can I make an appointment with you?

My focus is on tending to the daily needs and expanding vision of Beehive Counseling, which is a full-time job (okay, maybe slightly more than full-time!) so I don’t see clients myself, but instead focus on working with some of the brightest and most compassionate therapists in our community.

6. What are you doing when you’re not at the office?

I am inspired by learning, so I’m often doing research or reading, and I read for pleasure too. I go to libraries, eat delicious food, hike, do road trips stopping to find weird places along the way, and I’ve completed two Tough Mudders.

To make an appointment with a counselor near you, call or email us. Let's talk about how Beehive Counseling can help you and your family.