Rachel Heath, LPC


About You

You feel depressed and lost and sometimes you can’t help but tear up. Sometimes your mind races, and you feel overwhelmed with anxiety. You’re distracted at work and can’t focus when you’re with friends and family. You didn’t always feel this way and you can’t figure out how to snap out of it. You don’t think you can talk to anyone about how you feel, because you don’t want them to worry.

Lately you’ve been self-medicating with food, social media, alcohol, or even drugs, to numb your pain and help you forget, but then you wake up the next day and feel worse. Your life feels like one vicious cycle of ups and downs and you don’t know how to stop the roller coaster. You really hope therapy can help. I’m here to tell you it can.

Hi, I’m rachel.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Clinician at Beehive Counseling & Wellness LLC. But you might also call me an illuminator of your innate resilience. I help people who wish they could feel strong and confident, but hold themselves back or sabotage their progress because they don’t trust themselves. I help guide people to change their mindset so they can feel in control of how they think and behave, and feel more positive. I know from navigating my own path in life that you can learn to hear and trust your own inner voice and make decisions that help you break the vicious cycle of ups and downs. And I believe learning to trust yourself can change your world. Therapy can be the key that unlocks the potential to you being in charge of your own life. That’s why I hope you’ll contact me today.

What makes you qualified to help me?

As a clinician, I have a diverse background of skills and experience working with mental illness, substance abuse, and life adjustments and transitions. I enjoy working with adults and kids and their families. I have experience working alongside the criminal justice system as a Licensed Triage Therapist, working to provide care and evaluation for court-mandated clients. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at The University of New Haven where I also minored in Sociology and Criminal Justice. After graduating in 2009, I went on to earn my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Southern Connecticut State University. Following graduation in 2013, I was excited to explore the many opportunities in the counseling profession by fulfilling a variety of roles.


I currently accept Medicaid/Husky and am in the process of being paneled with several other insurances.

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