Andrea Quick, LCSW 

Hello and welcome to our “Hive!” My name is Andrea Quick and I’m a Clinician at Beehive Counseling. It is an honor to be able to work with you in an effort to help you shape your life and your relationships to create the outcome you have always desired and deserved. 

About Me


Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 11 years of experience is just one of the many hats I wear. Behind the scenes, I am a mother of three, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a “Jane of all trades.” I moved from Florida to New England to pursue my BA in Psychology at Bay Path University. After graduating in 2003, I later moved back to my hometown to continue to pursue my Masters in Social Work at Florida Atlantic University. Following graduation in 2007, I dove into exploring the many avenues of the social work profession by fulfilling a variety of roles.

I now work in private practice with a passion for helping improving relationships of all sorts. I work with individuals, groups, couples, and families with a goal of improving communication, behaviors, understanding, and teamwork. I offer Mediation Counseling for couples in the process of divorce, and family counseling. I assess each relationship from both an individual strengths perspective and a Systems Approach to counseling. I typically use a combination of modalities including (but not limited to) Brief Solution Focused model, conflict resolution, and effective communication skill-building to allow clients to gain as many skills and as much insight and self-awareness possible - and I’m efficient. After all, life is busy...taking time to work on our relationships is a priority, but it has to be practical too. 

What makes you unique as a clinician at Beehive Counseling? Why choose you? 

I understand, as a client, you have choices when it comes to who you want to work with during this difficult time in your life. Making that choice can be difficult. The key is being able to feel as if you can connect. Personally, I understand how the winding road of life can sneak up on you just when you think your plate could not get any more full! If you're looking for a clinician who can identify with the personal struggles that life may present, either daily or over the years, you have come to the right place. I want clients to know and feel as if they are talking to a real person; someone who can relate, empathize, and take a walk in their shoes.

As a professional, I work in an office, but make no hits me the same way when walking out the office door. Juggling all that life demands can be overwhelming and lonely without the support of someone you trust. I will work hard to make sure you have the coping skills to manage the immediate situation and the insight and self-awareness to be ready for life’s curve balls that may show up in the future. 

Tell me more about your professional experience.

I have over 11 years of clinical experience in the field of social work. As a social worker, I have an eclectic background of skills and experience working with trauma, mental illness, substance abuse, life transitions (including pre/post bariatric surgeries, pregnancy/postpartum/fertility, divorce, blended families, and sudden death or loss). I have experience working with trauma and have specialized in Trauma Informed Care and PTSD. I have worked as a Crisis Clinician for over 5 years and know how to address acute life circumstances such as sudden death, loss, permanent injury (ABI/TBI) and chronic illness. I have experience working alongside the criminal justice system as both a Mediator (Family Relations and Co-parenting) and as a Forensic Social Worker (community re-entry, court ordered counseling, and evaluations).

I have a passion for working with diverse groups and ethnicities and offer an objective approach to problem-solving. Over the years I have come to embrace the idea that two heads are better than one, especially when attempting to problem-solve our way through stressful or overwhelming life circumstances. It is my philosophy that together, we can come up with individualized strategies to survive, cope, and manage any situation we may face by utilizing the people around us to balance our perspective.

Does my insurance cover the cost of counseling sessions? 

I accept most insurance policies, including some Massachusetts health insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. I also participate with several EAP plans.

Visit our Finances & Insurance page for more complete information. 

“How can I feel so much better by simply talking to someone?”

Therapy doesn’t change your circumstances or replace a loss, or find employment, or change the custody agreement. So why does it work?

The answer is simple; it balances our perspective and restores our ability to see things in a different way. We feel more in control, more grounded, more competent to face the world when we are able to consider other ways that we can overcome our barriers. 

For more information on therapy at Beehive, visit our FAQ page.